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Setting up a Home Cinema

How to enjoy the perfect movie Heimkinobau
Depends on how you feel
You know that feeling you get from last night to the next day when you’re still thinking about the movie and you can’t get the soundtrack out of your head and still get emotionally involved in the atmosphere of the movie?
We make high-end home theater because we love this very state of mind. For us, there is nothing better than making the best movie paradise by bringing every cinematic masterpiece to its full glory and sending your senses on a fantastic journey.
Home cinema is a pleasure. Home cinema is an emotion. Everything we make for you is aimed at giving you goosebumps.
The key to perfection, which separates consciousness from the real world, lies in professional technical implementation.
We especially want to emphasize this because only a complete approach can reveal the full technical (and hence artistic essence) of your favorite movie. In this sense, we consistently advance 100% – and this starts right here on the website: we don’t do things by halves – and no more 80% installations (even if this is unfortunately the result of hostility from individual stakeholders). Heimkino Leinwand kaufen

1.) Demonstrations
The first step is an intensive personal consultation and preliminary meeting. Here you will get to know us and, after a needs analysis, you will receive a tailor-made demonstration in our well-equipped studio. You will see various technical concepts and design lines.

2.) Planning
We look forward to receiving planning orders from you based on preliminary planning and budgeting and demonstrations. During this phase, a detailed CAD plan will be done. It also includes intensive room acoustics analysis and utilizes acoustic solutions from our “Hollywood Acoustics” division to meet your requirements.

3.) Installation
All current Hollywood home theaters are fully installed by us. Since we use our own craftsmen, there are clear quality and cost advantages. You can sit back, relax, and have the dawn of high-end home cinema in a short time.

4.) Fine tuning
After the artisans have finished their work, our technical experts will come to you and thoroughly check your new film paradise and then meticulously calibrate it using the latest technology to achieve perfect image and sound characteristics.

5.) Documentation
This is an often underestimated factor, but not in our case. For third-generation home cinema installations (from fall 2015 onward), we will give you detailed technical documentation, including measurements of the speakers, room and projector. This will give you complete clarity.

6.) Support
Because our home cinemas are designed for sustainability, we already offer a very high standard of after-sales support (professional hotline, rental equipment, etc.). Our service packages offer optional certified response times, including maintenance, for long-term perfection and video enjoyment.

Starting from scratch
From one to one
Every home cinema project we work on starts with 0 (empty space) and ends with 100 (perfect home cinema pleasure). We believe that the most perfect home cinema possible does not start by planning around existing components and room concepts, but by designing completely new, free of old components and constraints, to achieve the most perfect home cinema possible.
Therefore, we no longer offer the following services
Upgrading of existing home cinema systems
Subsequent Acoustic Optimization
Pure Design Services
“Fire Brigade” in action (rescue when overseas facilities are messed up)
If you are in need of any of these services, we of course hope to win you as a customer – for the new complete home cinema – because you, every person, should have already gathered an experience like the one we describe here!

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